“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

– Victor E Frankl




A short reset in your busy day, our Signature class is a 30 minute three part combination of guided mindfulness meditation, controlled breathing and mindful movement. You will learn foundational techniques based on the principles of mindfulness meditation, yogic breathing and mindful movement practises in one class. Suitable for everyone.


Mindfulness meditation is the practise of paying attention on purpose to the present moment non-judgementally. Classes include body scan meditation, compassion meditation, gratitude meditation, concentration meditation, open awareness meditation, mindful walking meditation and many more.


In this class you will learn a combination of breathing techniques and mindful movements to restore balance to your mind and body. A soothing class that encourages breath focus and gentle stretching of the body. Suitable for everyone.


Soothe your nervous system with relaxing yoga postures in this 45 minute class. Postures are simple and will help you to slow down and unwind your mind and body from your busy day.


Sound Bath is a form of sound meditation which incorporates guided meditations and the use of crystal bowls and Tibetan singing bowls to create soothing sounds to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and put your body into a state of ‘rest and digest’. A sound bath typically includes a gong meditation where we ‘bathe’ in the vibrations of a gong played by a skilled instructor while sitting or lying down leading you to a state of deep relaxation.


SLOW FLOW is a slow-paced, mellow yoga sequence that will build strength and mobility as well as focus and concentration. This is a gentle movement class which will help you ease tension and stress.

Our FLOW class is a dynamic, invigorating yoga class where you will be guided through vinyasa sequences to strengthen and lengthen your entire body. Suitable for all levels.


Qigong is a moving meditation practice that is deeply rooted in ancient Chinese philosophy. It is a free-flowing practice of cultivating and balancing Qi or vital life-force through gentle breathing techniques, postures, meditations, visualisations and slow repetitive movements.


Yin & Meditation combines the practice of yin yoga with guided meditation. Yin yoga is a slow and meditative style of yoga where postures are held for a longer duration. It is a gentle, quiet and reflective form of yoga that is done closer to the ground. We learn to reconnect to the sensations of our body, observe any discomfort and focus on our breathing.


Yoga Nidra, often referred to as ‘yogic sleep’ is a deep guided relaxation practise that incorporates lying down (Savasana) and directing attention inwards through visualisation, breath awareness and soothing sounds. It is a soothing guided meditative practise that relieves exhaustion and promotes deep rest. This class incorporates guided meditation and the gentle yet powerful vibrations of sound bowls and gong.


Hatha yoga is a practice combining various yoga postures (asanas) and controlled yogic breathing techniques (pranayama). In this class, you will focus on flexibility and physical strength as well as developing your skills in mindfulness and breath control. Suitable for everyone.