“To understand the immeasurable,
the mind must be extraordinarily quiet, still.”

– Jiddu Krishnamurti

Our Approach

Our approach is simple. We have a people-first approach where we prioritise the wellbeing of our community. This stems from our unwavering conviction that there is power in breathing and moving together in a group and as a community.


We offer an array of accessible meditative and movement-based teachings that are scientifically backed to elevate your everyday life. We support you with practices to help regulate your nervous system and effectively manage stress and anxiety. Classes are short (30 & 45 minutes) at various times throughout the day, giving you the opportunity to drop in as part of your busy schedule. We recommend attending 3-4 classes a week to support your practice at home.

We provide a repertoire of meditation and movement practices that are aimed to cultivate present moment awareness. This includes guided meditations in the form of 7Breaths Signature, Mindfulness Meditation, Pranayama, Sound Meditations using the gong, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls & voice and moving meditations including Tai Chi & Qigong, and yoga such as yoga to soothe, slow yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga, hatha yoga, yoga nidra and dynamic flows. We also offer a combination of yoga and sound practices.